How to Qualify for Potential zkSync Era∎ Airdrop 🪂 — Full Guide

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2 min readMar 25, 2023
zkSync Era Mainnet is finally live!

Long awaited zk-Rollup is finally live. Matter Labs has raised a whopping 458mln funds for zkSync development. That’s why you should care about this protocol much more than an airdrop oppurtunity.

Here is a complete guide on how to qualify for potential airdrop.

Let’s start onboarding.

1# Bridge

To start using zkSync Era Mainnet you need to bridge your ETH. For this purpose use official bridge. Connect your Metamask, enter amount of ETH you wish to bridge to zkSync Era Mainnet and sign transaction.

2# Explore

Explore the ecosystem and potential of zero knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine. Use the Dapps already integrated on Era. Here’s the list.

Remember to switch to “Live on Era” to see those already integrated. What I recommend is to test as much protocols as you can. One of them could also airdrop in the future. Also, doing it daily or weekly will increase the chance of being eligible for potential future airdrop.

When to expect incoming airdrop?

Matter Labs CEO, Alex Gluchowski said:

“The team is focused on today’s launch and further development of the protocol. A token only comes into play with decentralizing the network, and that is still far on the horizon.”

What does it exactly mean?

History shows, that any crucial project for Ethereum Ecosystem, is finally decentralized by minting governance tokens and distributing it among early users. It happens, when protocol is fully tested and developers can assure, that it’s working as intended.

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