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4 min readApr 7, 2023

Christine Legarde, President of European Central Bank introduces Digital Euro in a short video interview.

Unfortunately I was not able to identify the interviewer. If you have any information about him please contact me, I’ll include him in the article by his name.


An interviewer asked Christine Legarde, how they [ECB] plan to implement digital Euro:

“We are preparing the ground. We want to be ready. We want to be trained, but it will not be decided until October 2023.” - Said Legarde

Then she continues what stands for the reason behind E-Euro:

“The reason, that I’m personally convinced that we have to move ahead is a situation like the one we are in now. We’re dependent on the supply of gas by very unfriendly country. I don’t want Europe to be dependent on unfriendly countries currency. — — Or dependent on the currency, which is activated by a private corporate entity like, you know, Facebook or like Google or anybody like.”

Interviewer continues: I’m user of Bitcoin too, I have bought it when it started, so I hope that it also will work. I know there are many protests in Europe against electronic Euro. What is the reason?

“You know, it’s the beauty of Europe does different positions (?). If you ask in northern Europe for instance the Netherlands they’re quite happy to see the E-Euro coming. If you ask young German men they will say “Yeah fine”.

Sure. Bring it on. Enslave me with your E-Euro. ~ Blockchain Citizen

“As I said I don’t want Mittel (?), Google or Amazon to suddenly come up with a currency that would take over the sovereignty of Europe. I don’t want foreign currency to become the currency of trading within Europe. So we have to be ready.

Not too convinced by the statement Interviewer says: No, the problem is they don’t want to be controlled.

“Yeah, but you know what? Now we have in Europe this threshold: above 1000 Euros you cannot pay cash. If you do you’re on the grey market. So you take your risk. You get caught, fined or you got to jail. But, you know, the digital Euro is going to have limited amount of control. You’re right, It will be controlled. We are considering whether for very small amounts, anything that is around 300–400 Euros we could have a mechanism where there is zero control, but that could be dangerous. The terrorist attacks on fronts 10 years ago were entirely financed by those very small amounts of credit cards that you can in total anonymity.

Here the video interview ends. (Watch it here).

Coincidence, that day after it turned out, that Apple has hidden Bitcoin White Paper on Macbooks Legarde brings up corporations currencies. It seems like they really have it all out of control. ~ Blockchain Citizen


  1. The E-Euro will not be used as a foreign gas exchange currency unless Russia or China will accept that. They will not. They will push their own currency in this case. And if their currency is better (for example tangible) then it won’t help E-Euro. You can’t force anyone to use it. Invalid statement.
  2. Legarde seems to be afraid, that Google (or any other corporation) could issue sounder money than Euro. This implies, that EU has much more troubles than E-Euro if 1.4 trillion market cap company could be better currency issuer than EU.
  3. Within Europe there more currencies than just Euro. Not every country accepted it.
  4. At least, but not last. She specially uses “terrorist” narration. Remember how cruelly it was used in 2001? I’m not sure if she understands, that todays bank accounts already operates as non-anonymous. And we can be sure, that E-Euro will be much more restricted than todays system.

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